Have you ever asked,

“What is the “secret” to building a successful insurance franchise?”

Empower Brokerage found that the biggest challenge for agents is having a steady flow of good leads.

The answer to the question is simple. Create an “ongoing” pipeline of new relationships that you can access to create sales opportunities. The four “most important” words in our insurance profession are “Oh by the way” I specialize in saving you money. Ongoing lead generation and creating new business relationships is paramount to your agency’s success.

Energize your insurance franchise by participating in Empower Brokerage’s Lead Partnership Program. We call our program “Lead Partnership” because it truly is a dynamic lead program that is a true partnership between you and Empower Brokerage.

We have created a robust menu of lead programs designed for your specific selling interest, and that provide ease of use and ongoing convenience of lead generation opportunities.

Empower Brokerage’s Lead Partnership Program is designed to enhance ongoing new business by providing turn key mail programs, exclusive tele-marketed and pre-set appointment opportunities for select carriers and lead credits for “Proven Performers”.


Turn Key Mail Programs

Here is how this fabulous program works. You decide which mailer and we do the rest. Each mail program is $460 per one thousand piece mail drop. This includes the cost of postage (outgoing & return). This would typically cost you $750.00, but through Empower Brokerage, your cost is only $460.

We saved the “best for last”. If you embrace and participate in our Senior Lead Programs, begin to sell business through Empower Brokerage, and then become a “proven performer”, we will provide you with lead credit towards you next order. With a minimum of 5 written and placed cases with one of our Premiere Medicare Advantage carriers, Empower Brokerage will provide you with a lead credit which will allow you the potential of a full return of your initial investment of $460. If you continue to place business with at least a 20% closing ratio, then Empower Brokerage will continue to provide leads at no cost to you. This is a great lead program that bears no ongoing cost to you when you become a “proven performer” and consistently write new business every month.

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The above “Turn Key Mail Program” is Carrier Specific.

Click here for our Non-Carrier Specific “Turn Key Mail Program”.

Exclusive Tele-Marketed Leads

Empower Brokerage has Exclusive Tele-marketed leads available to agents anywhere throughout the USA. We utilize the services of a third party vendor who contacts small employers on your behalf asking the prospective client if they are interested in saving $$$ on their health insurance. If interested, this becomes your exclusive lead and they are expecting a prompt call from you, the agent, to begin the process of assisting them with their health insurance needs. To get started, you simply place your order for a minimum of 20 leads at the low cost of $25 per lead and Empower coordinates everything else on your behalf.

What’s the “Next Step”? Complete the Empower Lead Partnership Agreement, provide us with your credit card information and how many leads you desire to order and what county, and then we will email your leads directly to you as they are secured. If you embrace and participate in the Exclusive Tele-marketed Lead program and become a “proven performer”, we will provide you lead credits allowing you a full return on your initial investment. Wow! This is another great lead program that costs you nothing to participate in when you become a “proven performer”.

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Leads Providers

Empower Brokerage has leads available to agents anywhere throughout the USA. We utilize several vendors. You have access to order ongoing leads which will be specific to your interest and lead requirements.

Norvax Leads