2019 Empower Halloween Contest

Empower Halloween Contest

Empower Brokerage hosted our annual Halloween Contest. On Thursday, October 31st a few staff members dressed up in their best costumes. Here are a few pictures!

These are all the contestants who entered in our annual contests.

We had lots of fun dressing up for Halloween. It took us all back to our younger years. Some of our staff wanted to explain why they chose their costumes.

Jenny McCann chose Wednesday Addams because “it is dark and empty, like my soul.”

Sara Awati chose Princess Jasmine “This was my first Halloween and I didn’t want to look super ugly and scary so I decided to become a Disney princess!”

Micah Boulter chose Hugh Hefner “Well really my goal was to be comfortable for the day. I figured I would try to find a costume that helped relax me and help make me enjoy such a cold day”

Chris Staudt chose Sassy Pirate “Shiver me timbers!  I was determined to be a pirate because they’re awesome.  My all-time favorite pirate is Captain Jack Sparrow!”

Bill Bronson chose Bird Victim “My wife and I love Alfred Hitchcock movies and it was her idea to go as characters from the movie, “The Birds”. She even made headbands with wires and birds attached to look like we were being attacked. She’s pretty creative”

The Home Office staff voted for the best costume, and we are proud to announce the winner is.. Jenny McCann, as Wednesday Addams! Congratulations Jenny and great costume!

In second place we have Chris Staudt as Sassy Pirate.

In third place, we have Sara Awati as Princess Jasmin.

And honorable mention Jadon Sennet as Sleepy Sloth.

Thank you, everyone, who participated in this year’s Halloween contest!

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