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Medicare and AEP can be confusing.


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Medicare can be confusing for many people. As an agent, it’s important to implement any tools that will help your clients better understand how things work. Marketing materials can help you to simplify things and create easy-to-understand visualizations. We have some easy-to-use marketing materials for this AEP season that will do just that! Download your favorites below and start sharing them today!

These handouts present an overview explaining what the different parts of Medicare are as well the different types of plans. It explains what a Medigap policy is and why it might be a good choice for someone. These handouts also provide a side-by-side comparison of Medicare and Medicare Advantage. It even illustrates the timelines for getting started in Medicare as well as the different enrollment periods. Overall it provides simplified explanations for understanding Medicare.

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We hope that this information on AEP client handouts is useful to you.

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