Agent Spotlight: Darnel Brown

Agent Spotlight: Darnel Brown

Agent Darnel Brown – Tyler, TX

In this series, we highlight agents who are doing great work out in the field during this busy AEP and ACA open enrollment season. Let’s take a look at what Darnel Brown is doing in east Texas.

A dozen years in the field

After a rewarding career in accounting, Brown retired from California to Tyler, TX in 2007. While looking for something to keep him busy in retired life, Brown turned to the insurance business. He already had a good understanding of insurance from working with claims at his previous company. The transition was easy and Brown began selling in 2008.


Why Empower Brokerage?

Following a couple of years of being in business, Brown came across Empower Brokerage and was impressed. The support, education, and guidance Empower give their agents was especially remarkable. Empower’s National Sales Director DeWayne Long was very helpful to Darnel’s career, along with the expertise from Medicare Product Specialist John Shinn. “They gave me the confidence I needed to succeed,” Brown said. Brown finds leads through his work out in the field, with his Walmart kiosk, and through his production as a Tax Accountant.

If you need help applying for Medicare or need a quote for Obamacare, call Darnel today at 903-283-2503. Better yet, stop by the Neighborhood Walmart in south Tyler and get your questions answered in person, Monday through Thursday from 1-5 pm. Darnel is eager to help you with your insurance needs. Contact him for more details or for a quote.

Walmart Neighborhood Market
1900 E SE Loop 323
Tyler, TX 757011

Darnel Brown


What the future holds

While the future is uncertain with the COVID-19 pandemic, Brown sees the environment as an opportunity to help people get the coverage they need. Even if they already have a plan, Brown presents all options to his clients. Thus, ensuring they have the best coverage possible for their individual needs.

Keep up the great work, Darnel!



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