Beginners Insurance Importance

Beginners Insurance Importance

Hello friends and welcome to my first blog post! I’m new with the company and have never worked in the insurance business in the past. Before I heard about Empower Brokerage, and what we do, I was unaware of the financial crippling that comes from a lack of health insurance. On average, 59 percent of Americans would not be able to pay for a $1,000 medical bill. ( In my personal experience, most hospital visits cost more than $1,000 and I’m sure yours will too.

Don’t take it for granted

We all have the option to either live life on a knife’s edge or decide to protect ourselves and our family’s financial future. Deciding to protect your family or play the statistics game, which is not in your favor, is easy when you consider the odds. We all know that life does not play nice and whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Therefore, choosing to have protection in place is a smart move.


Here are the words of a mother, with a family of four, who does not have health insurance. She alone is making over 100k per year, not including her husband, and is still suffering from lack of health insurance.

“We’re part of the population that’s healthy and isn’t paying into the system…”

“Every time my children do something remotely fun and risky, I’m envisioning in my head the horrible medical problems…”

“I live in a constant state of fear.” (Bloomberg)

Care for you and your family

Personally, I do not want overbearing financial pressure in my life. Finding ways to decrease stress is very important to me. Health insurance exists to help mitigate the risk of high medical costs. Having insurance helps minimize the worry about major financial disaster and will allow me to live a more fun and healthier lifestyle. I think all families need health insurance to protect their children as well, because protecting the parents’ financial stability also protects the kids and their financial future. Without health insurance, one major injury could wipe out retirement accounts, college savings, and cause a family to liquidate assets. As responsible adults, we need to provide and care for our children.

In the End

Health insurance is a smart move for Americans and their families. Do not play with chance! Your stress levels will decrease dramatically knowing that your family is financially secure.