Changes To Medicare In 2021

changes to medicare in 2021

Every AEP season includes updates and changes to Medicare and you’re encouraged to stay up-to-date on these adjustments as it may affect your clients’ benefits. Below are the changes so far from the Medicare and You Handbook for 2021.

Insulin Coverage In 2021

Medicare Part D, the part responsible for covering the cost of prescription drugs for those who choose to add the plan, now covers more of the cost associated with insulin for diabetic patients. This upgrade in coverage will lead to lower out of pocket payments for Part D beneficiaries who need insulin regularly.

Acupuncture Coverage In 2021

Medicare now covers up to 12 visits for acupuncture every 90 days to treat chronic pain. This will be great for beneficiaries who require regular acupuncture visits to not have to pay out of pocket for many of them.

Telehealth and Virtual Visits

One of the most important new changes to Medicare is that Medicare now covers virtual visits and video calling with your doctors. This comes as a response to COVID-19 making it riskier for older patients to see their healthcare professionals during this time. Medicare will now cover telehealth, E-Visits, and Virtual Check-Ins, which are all ways of receiving healthcare without having to risk seeing a doctor in-person. This will help protect the most at-risk beneficiaries while still allowing them to receive healthcare and advice from their doctors.

New Information and Web Services

The remainder of the changes coming in 2021 come in the form of additional website services and extra information. now has information regarding COVID-19 and the website has new tools for comparing plans as well as comparing doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and other services. You can find the new plan comparing tools at These new tools can help you get the best plan and care available to you.


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