Cigna expands COVID-19 relief

Cigna expands COVID-19 relief effective immediately according to a new press release. Cigna will be eliminating cost-sharing for all primary care, specialty care, and behavioral health care in-office or telehealth visits for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 care. The expansion will apply to all Cigna Medicare Advantage and individual/family plans including the ones sold on the marketplace. This expansion will help protect customers facing potential risk during the pandemic, while also helps Cigna continue to keep their commitment to enabling access to simple affordable predictable health care.

Cigna Battling Covid-19

“COVID-19 has affected all age groups – physically, financially and emotionally,” said Brian Evanko, president of Cigna’s Government Business. “We want everyone to focus on getting and staying well – including those being tested for and diagnosed with the virus and their loved ones – and not having to worry about how they will access or afford the care and services they need.” Cigna expands its COVID-19 relief at the right time as it seems risk can continue into next year. With no set time on a vaccine or how long the virus will continue to spread this action will help eliminate some of the cost that comes along with being healthy during these times.

Cigna expands COVID-19 relief

Cigna will waive all cost-sharing for in-network medical or behavioral telehealth visits for customers in the US. Though telehealth is not suitable for every circumstance it does still give clients the ability to seek care when needed. It also helps further support those in the community by offering a safe solution to preventing and treating COVID-19 cases. “For many customers, virtual care is an effective way to address their health concerns and continue to access their medications without leaving the safety of their homes,” said Dr. Gina Conflitti, Chief Medical Officer of Cigna’s Medicare Advantage business.

Efforts Get Extension

Previously announced efforts to help protect customers and communities against COVID-19 are also being extended. The following are efforts done in the past few months that apply:

  • Reimbursing providers for COVID-related virtual visits as if they were in-person visits.
  • Easing Primary Care Provider (PCP) referrals for specialists in certain situations.
  • Eliminating cost-share for COVID-19 testing and treatment.

Those who were eligible to pick a MA plan this year, but could not due to the pandemic, are entitled to a SEP.  Agents this is good news! Help your Cigna clients today and tell them about the expanded benefits offered during the pandemic.

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