Cigna Introduces SalesForce CRM

Cigna Introduces SalesForce CRM

Cigna Medicare is finally updating its E-agent system with SalesForce CRM. This long-awaited change is bringing an easier to access and navigate website which not only includes all previous E-agent abilities but also much more to help you manage your clients with ease. Today we will cover some of the big changes being brought to Cigna Agents through Salesforce.

Salesforce Capabilities

Salesforce launches January 31st and this customer relationship management tool will make working with clients easier. Currently, there are five micro learnings for salesforce available on the Cigna producers website. Under the recommended course section in my learning tab, you can access short trainings to walk you through some of the Salesforce abilities. These pieces of training cover:

  • General functionality
  • Lead management
  • Task and activities
  • Campaign management
  • Enrollment and application management

You can also access the user guide for salesforce by going to this link, but you must be logged into the producer’s website to access it. There are also short video demos to show how to complete simple tasks like creating leads, logging in-home appointments, creating appointments as well as telephonic enrollments.

Broker Benefits

Brokers can learn how to create an account by logging into the producer’s website and accessing Cignaforbrokers pdf. This new brokers resource will help brokers manage their agents, as well as applications submitted, and report downloads.  A video is also available for brokers to help guide them through the process.

Need Help?

Salesforce is sure to make life easier for agents and brokers going into the new selling season. Agents and brokers should be ready to become knowledgable on how to navigate salesforce on the day of release January 31st. You can reach out to your Broker Sales Rep or the Cigna Agent Resource Line (CARL) at 866-442-7516 if you have any questions about Salesforce, this training or need any other assistance.

If you need more help learning about the new CRM reach out to Empower Brokerage at 888-539-1633. You can contact Empower’s Cigna Specialist, Jadon Sennet extension 5824 for more information.

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