Earn More with Cigna’s Flexible Cancer, Heart and Stroke Plan

Cigna’s Flexible Choice Cancer, Heart and Stroke Plan

Welcome back to the Dynamic Duo with me, Allie Shipman, and my partner, John Shinn. We’ve talked before about Cigna Supplemental Benefits and some of the great plans they offer. Today, we’re going to talk about another great policy they have – the Flexible Choice Cancer/Heart/Stroke plan.

You can add this plan to a Medicare supplement or just sell it on its own. There are great commissions on it. Plus, they have lump-sum benefits for the following diagnosis: cancer, heart conditions, and stroke. There’s also flexibility to add multiple riders for reoccurrence, restoration, and more. Even more impressive, the purchase benefit amounts range from $5,000-$100,000. Cigna is one of the only carriers that has benefits up to $100,000. Of course, that will affect the premium, but they have that choice. Lastly, it is guaranteed renewable for life, and there are no tobacco questions on the application.

You really want to sell these with your Medicare supplement applications. It’s easy to add to the Cigna E-App; you just check a box. This plan is popular across the United States and sells well. Cigna sells a cancer plan separately, but I highly recommend the Flexible Choice Cancer/Heart/Stroke plan.

Cigna Flexible Choice is one of a kind

The Cigna Flexible Choice Cancer/Hear/Stroke plan is best in class. It has a lot of great benefits including paying a lump sum benefit. A lot of older plan designs pay based on a schedule, meaning only so much money per day. Cigna offers a lump sum paid on first diagnosis of internal cancer. So, when someone buys a $20,000 benefit, and if they’re diagnosed with cancer, they get that check immediately. It continues to be a very popular plan. This is part of the senior products suite that is made available to us through Cigna.

Helps Cover Non-Medical Expenses

Most of us know about the need for a cancer plan. Some of us may not know that at least half of the cost of treating cancer here is the non-medical expenses. A Medicare supplement and original Medicare do a good job of paying for cancer treatment medical costs. However, so much of the cost of treating cancer is non-medical in nature like loss of income and travel back and forth to specialized treatment centers.

Another place for you to position this plan in your portfolio is for people with Medicare Advantage. There are limitations on what Medicare Advantage will pay when it comes to cancer. So, this Flexible Choice Plan comes in very handy. The benefits go up to $100,000, and it’s the most benefit rich plan that I know of. Also, the issue age goes up to 89.

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