Empower Brokerage and Walmart Kiosk Program 2020

Empower Brokerage agents Leticia Martinez, America Yado and Gilbert Montemayor are very excited for 2020 AEP. They are ready to sell and will be at their local WalMart starting October 7, 2019.

Empower Brokerage medicare kiosk at Walmart.

Walmart Kiosk Program

Empower Brokerage and Walmart are joining forces to offer Medicare help to consumers during the Annual Election Period (AEP). The Walmart Kiosk Program places agents in high traffic areas in-store so they can be highly visible during this important time of year. Empower Brokerage has thousands of agents under contract, who can help fill these stores nationally. Each year, Empower Brokerage increases its presence in the stores and treats this as a major opportunity.

This is the perfect time for agents to answer questions and educate customers on upcoming Medicare Programs, which include Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and other supplemental programs. Not only does the kiosk allow agents to set up appointments but also to cross-sell and obtain referrals. Writing applications and enrollments come easy in this type of setting, but most importantly it helps us answer important questions the public has about their health insurance options.

How Does the Program Work?

Agents participating in the Walmart Program this year have been getting ready with training, webinars, ordering sales materials, certifications and scheduling their hours since the day they secured their Walmart stores.

The Walmart Kiosk Program is one of the ways we at Empower Brokerage support our agents during AEP. The program allows you to set up shop in a Walmart (marketing and kiosk provided) and is a great way to:

  • Get in front of prospects easily
  • Answer questions and educate
  • Set up appointments to cross-sell
  • Obtain referrals
  • Write applications and enrollments and most importantly …..Increase Your Sales!


To join Empower and participate in the Walmart Kiosk program, visit https://www.empowerbrokerage.com/empower-brokerage-retail-opportunities/

or call Blanca Montemayor at (817) 410-5809