Gov. Greg Abbott Considers ReOpening Texas Businesses

As Texas considers the reopening of certain Texas businesses more good news comes from Governor Greg Abbott. At a press conference on Tuesday, the Governor said that close to 481,000 job openings will be available across the state amid COVID-19. With more than 1.5 million Texans filing for unemployment since the start of the lockdown, at least a third of  Texans will be able to go back to work. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, they have already paid more than $1.4 billion to those unemployed in Texas.

Gov. Greg Abbott Executive Order

Gov. Greg Abbott believes opening Texas back up begins with his executive order aimed at gradually reopening Texas businesses. The Executive order comes in stages with the first going into effect on April 17th, reopening businesses that pose little to no threat of spreading COVID-19. From there, stage two includes more reopenings based on input from medical experts, which is expected to go into effect on the 27th of April. According to the governor, these strategies are already being worked on with the state government. In May, the third stage will go into effect once our testing abilities are able to detect and contain the COVID-19 outbreaks. In the meantime stores with the ability to operate “retail-to-go” will begin reopening on the 24th.

Texas Numbers For COVID-19

More than 205,000 people have been tested for COVID-19 with a total of 19,945 cases since Tuesday.  Abbot said that the number of positive results of the virus has remained at or below 10% with at least 6,486 recoveries. With 4.8 million masks, 453,000 face shields, 2 million gloves, and 16,000 gowns being distributed around Texas, the governor has taken his time to develop an action plan as well as consideration for the people of his state.

How will the reopening of Texas work out? We will keep you updated as the plan begins to move forward. For more information on how Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order works check out this link. Stay tuned for more COVID-19 updates in the near future.

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