How to be Prepared for Hurricanes

prepared for hurricanes

In the event of a hurricane or any natural disaster, there are some easy, yet crucial steps to take to ensure you and your family’s health. A hurricane can turn an entire city upside down and cause irreparable physical and mental damage. One of the most important things is making sure all your health items are readily accessible in the event they are needed. In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, here are some things you need to be prepared for hurricanes.

Medical Card Accessibility

In order to be prepared for hurricanes, knowing where your medical card is and having it available could make a huge difference in case of an emergency. UnitedHealthcare of Texas and Oklahoma CEO Dave Milich says to pack the cards in an emergency to-go bag, in the event you and your family need to evacuate your home. By doing this in advance, it is one less thing to worry about in a hectic situation like preparing for a hurricane. With a medical card in possession, it will be much easier to receive medical coverage if needed in the event of an emergency.

Refill Medications and Supplies

If a hurricane is on the horizon and you know it’s coming, head to your local pharmacy and fill your prescriptions. In case pharmacies have to close due to the hurricane, you will have your medication in advance. Especially if the medication is needed to maintain well being, such as insulin or EpiPen that could end up saving your life. Have a seven-day supply of essential meds stocked and ready in case the unthinkable happens.

Furthermore, make sure your family has an updated first-aid kit with instructions on how to use the elements inside. With a hurricane, anything can happen. Having your medications in order and an accessible will put your mind at ease in stressful moments. One can never be too prepared for a natural disaster.

We hope this information on being prepared for hurricanes is helpful to you.

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