Keeping Your Clients Happy Year Round

Keeping Your Clients Happy Year Round

How are you keeping track of your clients? As an insurance agent, your book of business can grow exponentially year to year, full of clients new and old alike. With so many people to keep track of its common for someone to slip through the cracks. This can lead to bad business practices and in worse case scenarios your client switching plans over to a new agent. In order to avoid the loss of clients, how can agents take initiatives to avoid it? Today we will cover best practices when dealing with client data.

Friends or Just Numbers?

Are your clients just numbers? Your clients should be considered more than a book of business. By knowing to take your clientship to more than an acquaintance level, you have the chance of not only creating friendships, but also an interpersonal relationship. You like to make sure your friends are taken care of. You also check in on friends every so often even if it’s every other month. By creating a friendship with your client you not only create a bond but a solid way to remember to check in on them.

Check-In on Your Clients

How often are you checking in on your clients? Smart business practice is to check in on your client using the 30-60-90 day program. This program is used when dealing with new clients, checking in 30 days after writing a new policy. The first check in at day 30 is to make sure everything in their plan is working properly. The next check-in is at day 60 to follow up and make sure that they are still happy. On the 90th day, you ask if they have noticed any changes that might be a concern. By using this following method you leave the room for error down. It also allows you to discuss a new plan add-on that can benefit your client’s needs.

Holiday Calls/Text

Do you wish your client Happy Birthday? This is often a simple way to check in on your client once a year. A simple phone call will not only make their day but gives them the feeling that you notice. You can also check in during special holidays such as memorial day, veterans day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Updated Clients Info

Sometimes your clients can switch their information whether that’s address, phone number, or email. It is important to keep in touch about these changes and to make updates to you BOB when these changes occur.


Finally, ask for feedback. Communicating is important and if you’re doing something wrong you don’t want to continue doing it. Ask your clients how you can be better and make adjustments when able.

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