Malti Patel on Lifting the Mist and Working With Empower Brokerage

Malti Patel on Lifting the Mists and Working With Empower Brokerage

Lifting the Mists: A Simple Guide to the Complex Welfare System of America

Patel wrote this book inspired by her journey of coming to the U.S. in 2001 from Kenya, East Africa with herĀ 82-year-old mother in law.

Patel did not know what Medicaid or Social Security was, or how to get her mother in law medical coverage. In those days, there were no social media platforms or the Internet. The information about the government offices was not as accessible as they are now. So Patel had to go to the library and refer to books to find out all of the rules and regulations specifically related to the Texas welfare system. Patel struggled doing that but got Medicaid coverage for her mother in law. Reflecting on the process, she thought if anybody else comes with their elderly mother or father and tried to get them health coverage, which they need, they do not have to struggle like Patel did. So she asked herself what she could do to help them. During this time, facebook, and social media wasn’tĀ available to everybody.

So Patel thought of writing a book which can help the mass media. With her book, Patel has helped millions of people; giving them the right information at the right timeĀ for their parents. It has brought sons and daughters relief and given people the ability to provide the right to health care for their loved ones, which is theĀ best thing you can do for your audience.

Why Work with Empower Brokerage?

With all the staff, you don’t feel that you are working as an employee or an agent but that you work as a family member. Each and every person at the Empower Brokerage office is wonderful and they are always ready to help you with anything and everything. Whether it is any question related to Medicare, Medicaid or any of the products, your social, your family matters- anything in their day to help you. I love Empower Brokerage, it helps me tremendously to achieve my goal of helping senior citizens whom I’ve already helped through my book, but it does triple the effect by making me understand the latest rules and regulations about the latest products available, the best product available. The best carrier can be chosen for the particular client’s requirement and that makes it ideal. I love Empower Brokerage.

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