Mutual Of Omaha 2020 Changes

Mutual Of Omaha 2020 Changes

Mutual of Omaha recently announced on its blog the upcoming 2020 changes. Continue Reading to learn more about these special announcements.

mutual of omaha 2020 changes

Life Insurance

Upcoming Changes to Our Life Product Portfolio
Effective January 1, 2020, we will be making changes to our life product portfolio, including discontinuing our Guaranteed Universal Life product, repricing our Level and Graded Living Promise Whole Life final expense products, repricing our Term Life Express Non-ROP product and discontinuing our Term Life Express 20-Year ROP product. Read the article for complete details.

2020 Life Product Changes Transition Rules Get the transition rules for the product discontinuations and reprices going into effect on January 1, 2020.


Medicare Solutions

PDP Application Clarification

There has been some recent confusion on whether the “Information to Determine Enrollment Periods” section on the Mutual of Omaha Rx (PDP) enrollment form should be completed if the beneficiary is enrolling during the Annual Enrollment Period. The answer is “no”. The information (check-boxes) that appear on page 18 of the PDP pre-enrollment kit are only used to determine Special Enrollment Periods.

Special Enrollment Periods (SEP) are defined by CMS and are generally based on life events. For example, involuntary loss of credible coverage, becoming eligible or no longer eligible for Medicaid, moving into or out of a long-term care facility . . . to name a few.

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) – which runs from October 15 to December 7 – is not a Special Enrollment Period.  As such, if your client is enrolling for coverage during AEP, the Information to Determine Enrollment Periods does not apply, and the page should be skipped.

Any enrollments occurring outside of the Annual Enrollment Period, must have one of the boxes checked to determine which SEP is applicable.

Upcoming Rate Adjustments
Upcoming rate adjustments for IL and MO.


Long-Term Care

Be the First to See Our New LTC Consumer Video
We’re excited to debut something you’ve been asking for: a new consumer video designed to help you introduce the need for LTCi.

Custom and Secure Brochures Now Available in California
The MutualCare® Custom and Secure Brochures are approved for consumer use in California.



Priority Income Protection® As Mortgage Protection
Your clients’ house is probably the largest purchase they’ve made. It’s a home, a safe haven from the world’s distraction and the place where memories are made. For many, it’s part of the American Dream. Their income makes it possible.


Critical Illness

Cancer Insurance Pays a Lump-Sum Payment for Out-of-Pocket Costs
Cancer Insurance Pays for the Cost of Surviving a Cancer Diagnosis. With cancer insurance from Mutual of Omaha, you can help your clients focus on their recovery by offering them a policy that has a lump-sum payment that can be used for any out-of-pocket expense including:

  • Replacing lost income
  • High deductibles
  • Everyday expenses like bill and groceries



Email Submission for Paper Applications
Effective immediately, you can now submit paper applications and additional requirements via email. Learn more about how this new process works and what you need to get started.



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