National General Short Term Medical Clients

National General

National General Short Term Medical Clients

Do you have clients who are at risk of losing their guaranteed eligibility for short-term plans? If you have clients currently enrolled in a National General consecutive short-term option, heading into their second year, but have not completed their policy verification, must go to  Clients must read terms and conditions of previous purchases and then submit an e-signature verification for National General to issue their policies.

National General Notification

If your clients have not completed the verification, National General will be notifying them to complete their verification. These reminders will be sent out 45 to 15 days prior to the member’s scheduled first policy term end date. By being the agent of record, you will be cc’d on the email notifications. To view clients who have not completed their policy verification, you can log in to the agent back office.

Contact Your Clients Today!

Please contact your clients and remind them to submit their e-signature verification in order to be eligible for their policies. Members who don’t complete the verification process will not be eligible for policies and will no longer have the pre-existing condition look-back period set at the first policy’s effective date. You can also visit the National General website for more information.

Questions? Contact Jeff Hess our Product Specialist for more information at!

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