Paper Scope of Appointment No Longer Needed With Cigna App

For the upcoming year Insurance companies have been making many changes in order to better serve clients and agents around. In particular, Cigna will no longer require a paper scope of appointment with applications as of July 1, 2020. Cigna will still be encouraging agents to complete your SOA form compliantly and to store and maintain those files for 10 years. A valid SOA is required for all MA applications and must be on file for at least 10 years according to CMS rules.

No Need For Paper Scope of Appointment

Cigna Scope of appointments can still be included in a new application. Agents who submit a paper SOA with a new app will receive a receipt that confirms that the SOA was included. Agents who do not include an SOA will receive an email stating that no SOA was provided and that the agent is required by CMS to store and maintain it in a file for ten years.

Email From Cigna

In an email sent out by Cigna, the company stated “While we are no longer requiring agents to submit SOAs with applications, we want to help you to stay in compliance with CMS conditions. Our team will continue to monitor scope submissions, and quarterly, we will request a small percentage of SOAs for auditing purposes and to simply remind agents of the CMS requirement. The inability to provide a valid SOA on request may lead to a Sales Disciplinary Action Plan (SDAP).”

The company further suggests that agents should reach out to CARL (Cigna Agent Resource Line) or your local broker sales representative if you have any questions at 866-442-7516.

AHIP Discount

AHIP is less than a few weeks away and Cigna has a deal for you! Cigna will be reimbursing brokers for their AHIP certification up to $125!

To qualify for reimbursement:

  • Certification opens up 7/1
  • Brokers must certify before 9/1/2020
  • Brokers must sell a minimum of 5 new, net cases with 1/1/21 effective dates to receive
  • Payment will be made in February 2021

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