Senior Director of Business Development, Monica Quintana

Monica QuintanaMeet Monica Quintana

Empower Brokerage is known for programs that give agents a better opportunity to grow and develop key relationships, expanding their book of business. A key to our growth in this area has been Senior Director of Business Development, Monica Quintana.

History In Medical World

Quintana has been in the medical world focusing on Medicare products for over 18 years. Starting as a marketing Director in Provider Relations she moved on to becoming a Sr. Market Manager for a health plan. “I learned how a plan runs from the inside out. From credentialing, contracting, authorizations, to assisting in the development of shared savings programs. I was able to coordinate marketing strategies between the health plan, their hospital system and physician recruitment for their ACO.” Quintana enjoys helping others in this career path, from helping clients who never knew they needed additional benefits to creating relationships that help agents further their careers. “What insurance agents have to offer is life-changing.”

Working With Empower

Quintana joined Empower Brokerage in 2019 and is hard at work making a difference. She believes what sets Empower Brokerage apart from other FMOs are the tools and resources available to agents. “Whether you want to grow independently or develop a downline of agents, Empower Brokerage has a team of experts waiting to help you reach your goals. Empower Brokerage understands the importance of product training. It’s not just about closing a sale, it’s about understanding the needs of your client and retaining them.” Readily available resources such as the no-cost leads program, University courses, training, and in-house product specialists all help put agents on the road to success.

A Background to Develop More Opportunities 

With Quintana’s background in provider relations, she can strengthen current relationships regarding quality measures, claims, authorizations, and overall carrier reimbursement. “I enjoy meeting with providers and hospital systems. Selecting the right agents to coordinate product education also creates provider leads.” Quintana believes having knowledgeable and experienced people on our team, combined with provider networking and community outreach, we will establish credible relationships.


“With weekly agent seminars, product training events, and the leads program, we anticipate having high productivity,” Quintana said. “We will participate in local community events and invite contracted agents to join as well as events that include carriers and members.”

Future Vision For Empower

Quintana is looking forward to this year’s AEP. “It’s exciting when we’re setting up community events, provider informative booths, the Walmart program, and hospital leads. Listening to agent stories of how late they stayed up writing business. Knowing that it will all be worth it is priceless.” Quintana wants Empower Brokerage to be known as the most credible FMO by both agent and client standards. “When folks are having a conversation about us I want them to say that we helped them make a difference. That we EMPOWERed and inspired them to work for more while always doing the right thing.”

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