Senior Summit Day Two

The Second Day




















Day two of our Anual Senior Summit was a success!

We previously wrote about Day one of our Annual Senior Summit in this article. If you have yet to read about Day one you should do that now.

Day two started off just like the first day. Empower bussed in the agents from their hotel to the offices in Southlake Texas. Offering refreshments and the opportunity to speak with each other, sharing stories from the Rangers game the night before.

The summit kicked back off at 9 a.m, with John Shinn, Empowers Senior Specialist introducing the schedule for the day, as well as welcoming everyone back.

The first speakers of the day were Shery Cortez and Robert Martinez, both Regional Sales Directors at Empower. These two talented professionals spoke on Marketing to Special Needs. They spoke of the importance of effective communication and the importance of understanding and respecting the situation.

Following Cortez’s and Martinez’s presentation ALLWELL, an insurance carrier came in and spoke to our agents. The company provided support and answered our agent’s most pressing questions about products and even the best plan practices.

After ALLWELL, Jeff Hess, Individual Medical Product Specialist at empower and Enrique Torres Empowers, Life and Financial specialist. came up and spoke about Senior Dental, Hospital Indemnity, and Fixed Annuities. they were the last speakers before lunch.

Lunch Break!

During lunch, the agents enjoyed the best B-B-Q in Texas from the Feed Store here in Southlake. Agent’s had the opportunity to talk with the morning Speakers and ask any questions they did not have the opportunity¬†to ask before lunch.

After lunch, they had the opportunity to hear from DeWayne Long, Empowers national sales director. He touched ou selling techniques, he also had the opportunity to answer sales question and share his experience in the industry with our top selling agents.

The last speaker of the summit was Chris Jarvis, a bestselling author, a sales coach, and a business consultant. He spoke about the importance of selling and using the right terminology to sell it. Furthermore, he answered questions from our agents and gave them some helpful words of encouragement.

To wrap up the Summit Shinn made another appearance to conclude the summit and to thank everyone for attending. Additionally, Empower gave printed out images of the group photo taken at the baseball game the night before.