Less Then a Week to Write Year-Long Short-Term Medical Plans


Your clients only have until March 28th to enroll in a short-term medical plan that extends to the end of the year. After March 28th, people can only get an April 1st effective date. According to the government, once April 1st passes short-term medical plans will only be available for three months at a time.

Don’t let your clients go without coverage. If they wait to get a plan after March 28th, they’ll not only be restricted to a 3-month coverage period, but there’s also no guarantee that they’ll be able to enroll in another plan after their 3 months are up. Short-term medical plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. So if a client is diagnosed with a serious illness while on a 3-month plan, their illness will now be considered a pre-existing condition when they re-apply for a short-term plan, and they won’t receive coverage for it.

Don’t delay! Help your clients enroll in a short-term medical plan so that they may maintain coverage for the rest of 2017 until the next open enrollment period (OEP). Then during OEP, you can help your clients enroll in a qualified health plan for the 2018 plan year.

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