Stepping Up Your Online Game: Agents How are you Increasing Digital Footprint

Agents, how are you stepping up your online game? With recent COVID-19 events pushing us further into the digital world, it shouldn’t be a surprise if your clients are asking for online help from personal websites to online web meetings. How have you adjusted to this digital transformation and adapted to be a leader in the digital market?

Digital Channels Continue to Grow

Eighty-four percent (84%) of shoppers use digital channels to gather information at some point through the insurance buying process, according to McKinsey Insights. Shoppers are not only looking to make a better decision before purchase but want to gain a proper understanding of what they are purchasing. This change in being informed gives you the agent more work in providing detailed information to help better represent your client when it comes to their wants and needs. “By writing and publishing content on your website, you are providing answers to people who are in that buying process. They will be more likely to call or complete a quote request on the website to go to the next stage in that sales process,” says Becky Schroeder, chief marketing officer at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a leading provider of marketing, rating and management software and services.

Using Social Media for Online Reach

So what are you going to do about it? Agents have the ability to present content and resources to their clients in multiple ways. For one have you thought about reaching out through social media? Not only do you have the ability to post articles, video topics, and reviews of products. You are able to provide constant updates to your clients through these resources as well as help respond to questions you might receive privately.

Resources Provided Stepping Up Your Online Game

The carriers have also helped provide resources for you and your clients during this current pandemic. From infographics to email flyers, and online newsletters that can help you reach your client, the opportunity of agents online has continued to evolve. Agents, how are you stepping up your online game? Empower Brokerage has a dedicated marketing team that wants to help you! Give us a call at 817-410-5820 in order to receive training and other resources specifically designed to help your business succeed!