Switching Health Insurance Plans

Switching Health Insurance

When approaching the topic of switching health insurance plans it is important to know the different reasons consumers have for sticking with their current one. The first reason is that the average person is too busy, or doesn’t want to spend time searching for better premium plans. The second is that there is no reason, in the consumers’ mind, to even switch. The third is that the consumer thinks they might have to switch doctors. These reasons seem valid on the surface but are very easily handled.

Lazy or busy

Almost everybody we talk to, who does not want to do something, claims to be too busy. The majority of people are not. We need to present them the option to switch in a non-threatening, attractive way. we can do this by the wording we use to solicit interest. Here is a story of an insurance broker I work with, who was having immense trouble when asking someone to switch health plans. Over a period of about three months, this broker went from having almost nobody interested to more than half of his prospects interested. He only changed one key phrasing when approaching the topic of switching. This is a paraphrase of his words, “You may qualify for a reduced premium price. Are you able to meet…”. This phrasing may not work for you, but it is worth trying.

It’s not broken

The second argument that shows up is that there is no obvious need to change plans. All we need to do is open the consumer’s eyes to the benefits provided by switching to a different plan. The benefits may include a lower premium for the same services, their personal income might change, or their overall coverage is getting gradually worse. People do not realize the importance of choosing a health plan best suited for them unless they are shown that their current plan is inadequate.

Real trade-offs

There are real trade-offs that come with switching health plans. The main one is the possible change in doctors. The premiums may be lower if you switch plans but at the cost of switching doctors. This is an excellent reason not to switch and there is nothing we can do to influence the prospect’s decision

Switching health insurance plans can be confusing and annoying to consumers. Dealing with a licensed agent can help clear up some misconceptions and clarify a consumer’s choices.

When we are prepared for the conversation and possible concerns, they will be more receptive to what we have to say.

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