Top 10 Insurance Companies Based on Premium and Market Share

With so many different carriers in the accident and health field, it might be hard to know which one is the best. In 2018 alone the field reached $1.1 trillion dollars, a 57.3% increase compared to 2009. The Top 10 insurers contributed 51% of the total market according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Today we will look at the direct premium written in previous years by said companies to let you know who is on top!


The company that came in at number one was United Health holding $156.9 billion in premiums and 14.2% of market share. United Health serves clients in both the US and 130 other countries. United Healthcare provides healthcare coverage and benefits services, while Optum provides information and technology-enabled health services.

Many who have ever looked for a reliable source of information has come across Kaiser Foundation. The company that operates as a non-profit, holds premiums that add up to around $93.2 billion with a market share of 8.5%. The organization offers many types of services such as audiology to pain management.

Coming in at number three is Anthem inc with premiums of $67.2 billion with a 6.1% market share. Anthem hopes to transform health care with trusted and caring solutions. The company offers a wide range of group/ individual health benefits, life and disability products.

Humana premiums rack in about $56 billion with a market share of 5.1%. Humana is a recognized name, working to improve healthcare while making it more accessible to all.

CVS is ranked five with premiums of $55.4 billion and a 5% market share. Known for its pharmacies around the states, the company serves 22.2 million medical members while having a dedicated senior pharmacy care business.

Top 10

Health Care Service Corporation is the largest customer-owned healthcare company serving 16 million members. The direct written premiums for the corporations land at $36.9 billion with a 3.4% market share. The company holds this share while being in only five states!

Centene ranks at seven with $36.3 billion written premiums and a market share of 3.3%. Centene operates local health plans providing a broad option of insurance solutions. The company offers specialized services from life and health to pharmacy benefits.

Cigna Health ranks at $29 billion premiums and a 2.7% market share. With over 165 million customers Cigna offers a broad range of healthcare solutions which include healthcare, dental, Medigap, medicare and more.

WellCare premiums tally up to $20.5 billion holding a market share of 1.9%. WellCare delivers government-sponsored care services to a wide range of families, seniors, children, and individuals. They also provide care through Medicaid, MA, and PDPs.

Coming in at number 10 is Molina Healthcare whose market share falls around 1.7% and premiums about $18.5 billion. Molina is a fortune 500 company who works exclusively on government-sponsored healthcare programs for qualified individuals and families.

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