UnitedHealthcare Updates Their E-Store and Offers New Products in More States

Updated E-Store Features Make Helping Your Clients a Breeze

Updates and new features came to E-Store on March 31 along with the release of UnitedHealthcare individual health products in new states. Now, when you log on to E-Store, you will notice:

  • A new Expiration Date column on your existing business report, and
  • The ability to send self-service quoting link to previous and current clients.
  • Updated feature bundles including fixed indemnity products
  • Descriptions next to product types on the broker census page

These E-Store updates make it easier to work with your clients. Log into E-Store today and familiarize yourself with these helpful new features!

New UnitedHealthcare Individual Health Products in More States

On March 31, UnitedHealthcare Individual Health released an expanded product footprint in several additional states. Increased product offerings include new and updated Short Term Medical, Health ProtectorGuard, and Core Access plans. To see the additional products now available in your state, view the updated Product Grid. Look for the red “Y’s” to note the addition of a new product.

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