Update on DVH Plus Commissions

Since we introduced the Dental, Vision & Hearing (DVH) Plus product in 2013, the product has ran well and is very popular with agents and consumers. Though our projections for the products loss ratio is running well, the persistency in the first year is below the pricing of the product. This is requiring Medico® Insurance Company to make a change. With great regret, the only place that we can make a change to the product is to reduce the commission percentage. As you are aware, Medico® Insurance Company’s DVH Plus commission level was one of the highest in the industry. With this reduction in commission, the product will still have a very competitive commission level.

New commissions are posted on our Agent Website, so you can see what the changes will be for you in your market. The changes will be effective on applications dated on or after March 1, 2016. Once again, the commission levels are still very competitive and can add great value to your business and is a product that your clients need.

The premium is still less than $50 per month, guaranteed issue and covers services that Medicare does not. Plus, it counts toward our GoTravel Award Program!

We appreciate all the business that you have given us. Thank you for your understanding.