Value of Integration Study By Cigna Shows Promising Results

Cigna has released its 4th annual Value of Integration Study, revealing the strength of combining Cignas’s medical, pharmacy, and behavioral health benefits. Looking at both mind and body, the Cigna study is able to create a full picture of how the company has improved their client’s health.

Value of Integration Study

The Value of Integration Study is based on a two-year analysis of over 2.3 million claims from Cigna’s book of business. Employers continue to see meaningful savings in total medical costs when offering triple integrated benefits consisting of medical, pharmacy, and comprehensive behavioral. These savings are compared to those with medical and basic behavioral coverage, where the pharmacy is also carved out.


When comparing numbers for engaging customers at the right moments across all touchpoints, those with connected benefits saw a 17% higher customer engagement. There was a 22% higher utilization of in-network providers. A 43% decrease in out of network inpatient stays. A 4% lower out of network costs and 18% fewer out of network behavioral claims.

Real Savings For Consumers

When comparing savings there was an average of $207 per member per year (PMPY) in total medical cost savings. Some of the major places where savings could be seen PMPY for customers were with health improvement opportunities with an $867 cost. $11,679 PMPY for oncology patients. $7,372 PMPY for specialty conditions and a 24% lower inpatient cost for oncology patients.

Connected Oncology Support

Through a team of specialty care managers, oncology specialists, social workers, pharmacists, and behavioral clinicians customers can receive support as well as caregivers. This support team helps coordinate benefits, provides whole health support such as screens for behavioral and health programs as well as provides ongoing support based on the customer’s current needs.

Battling Opioid Epidemic

The company also helps battle the opioid epidemic through their connected benefits and integrated data mobilizing to quickly identify at-risk customers to intervene and provide support. Identification through predictive analytics and behavioral assessments, Cigna connects at-risk customers and providers with management support as well as behavioral and substance use disorders programs.

What do you think about connecting Cigna’s medical, pharmacy, and behavioral health benefits? Does Cigna’s Value of Connected Benefits study get you excited to talk to your customer about its benefits? Comment below and tell us your opinion today!

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