AG Quick Ticket – What you need to know!

What is AG Quick Ticket?

American General (AG) quick ticket is a simple, intuitive online application submission tool from American General. The tool is used for their Universal Life and Term business. This ticket entry helps to reduce application error or delay. The ticket entry also allows for a streamlined UW review. The tool is even available for all of the life policies offered by American General. This includes all eligible non-medical cases. Here are some important quick ticket reminders.

  • Insured must also be the payer.
  • Only formal applications are accepted.
  • Not available for spouse or other secondary insureds.
  • Not available for New York replacements.
  • Telephone interviews must be conducted directly by the client in English or Spanish. Interpreters may not be used.

How it works

There are some pretty simple steps to getting the AG Quick Ticket system to work. They are as follows.

Ticket Entry

Launch AG Quick Ticket in Connext or use IPipeline drop ticket, fill out the basic ticket.


Telephone Interview

The client is called within 1 business day to complete the application packet and if necessary, schedule an exam.


Client eSigns after Interview

Optional, but recommended. Case review can begin after eSignature is reviewed.


Paramedical Exam

If necessary, Exams can take place in the client’s home or office.

That’s all there is!

It’s a simple process. AG has everything they need to process the application. You can now follow the case on Connext.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the tips and tricks directly from AG.

Ticket Entry

  • Temporary coverage (LTLIA) is available. Select Bank Draft as a payment method during ticket entry.
  • Electronic Policy (E-Policy) delivery available. Select it in the insured screen during ticket entry.
  • Case study available on connext within 1 business day after ticket is submitted (Unless there is an agent error.)
  • To avoid delay in laboratory results with your case:
    • Enter the correct date of birth and the full SSN on the application.
    • Make sure your client knows and provides the exact name to the paramedical examiner that you have provided on the application. Including middle name initial, Jr or Sr, etc.

Telephone Interview

  • Use ExamOne’s portal to check times and status of the telephone interview and the paramedical exam, and to view case paperwork.
  • Voicemail messages will be left by the interviewer if the client is not reachable. Clients may call 1-888-876-3407 at their convenience. The client has 14 days to complete the interview before the case is closed.

Client eSigns after Interview

  • eSignature provides the quickest processing. Case reviews begin after eSignatures is received. Docusign is valid for 15 days.
  • Form Compliance, Replacement review, and agent validation begins, 1-2 days after eSignature is received.
  • Use eSignature status in connext to stay on top of possible issues.

Paramedical Exam

  • Help your client prep for the Telephone interview and the exam.
  • Formal underwriting begins approximately seven days after the paramedical exam.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • The issue state is where policy owners signs the application.
  • For wet signatures, the insured is responsible for collecting signatures from the owner and return to ExamOne.
  • For Flordia cases, Additional replacement forms may be required if they are not completed during ticket entry.
    • Form # AGLC120ZBC Rev0516
    • Form # L4063 Rev0516
    • Form # LC2606 Rev0516

That wraps up the AG Quick Ticket process. All of the information provided in this post comes directly from AG. If you have questions about AG’s process or if you have issues with any of the software please contact American General.

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