Agent Spotlight: Alexandra McGonagle

Agent Spotlight, Alexandra, holds her baby while sporting a big smile.


Shining the Light on Alexandra

Empower Brokerage employs so many outstanding agents, and it’s always such a joy to highlight their stories and accomplishments! Today, the agent spotlight shines on Alexandra McGonagle. She is an agent, a wife, and a mother to a baby boy. Alexandra has made a positive impact in bettering the lives of her clients, making her a perfect candidate for this spotlight recognition.

Outside of work, she enjoys a daily mommy-and-me workout class with her son and other mom friends. Alexandra deeply values staying active. Her other activities include running, cycling, and weightlifting. She has participated in multiple triathlons and even placed first! With that same tenacity, Alexandra runs her own insurance business.

Before transitioning to insurance, Alexandra spent nine years as a safety specialist in public transportation. She drove buses, worked in dispatch, and even operated passenger trains. However, like many others, the pandemic brought about a need for a career change. That is when she began making the shift to the insurance industry.

Early in the contracting process, Alexandra found out she was expecting. As if starting a new career during a pandemic wasn’t hard enough, now she had to consider her child. Instead of becoming discouraged, Alexandra was even more inspired to keep pushing through the career transition process. She knew becoming an insurance agent would allow her the freedom to work while also raising her child.

Agent spotlight, Alexandra, in various photos.

Alexandra and Empower

Alexandra joined the Empower Brokerage family in January of 2021. A previous employee referred her and raved about the number of leads, steadfast staff support, and impressive scope of training. The recommendation was enough to convince Alexandra that Empower Brokerage was the place to be. After being hired, Lori Benold, Regional Sales Director for the Austin area, welcomed Alexandra to the team. Alexandra claims that Lori’s support was instrumental while starting out in the insurance business, especially during her pregnancy. Lori is a valuable resource to Alexandra and all other agents in the area. They are constantly encouraged to work hard, think outside the box, and never go in it alone.

Alexandra has taken that advice to heart, implementing it in her interactions with clients. Due to her specialization in Medicare, she tends to work with an older crowd. She believes it is imperative to ensure no person takes advantage of the elderly. Her parents are in the Medicare-age group, so she feels especially motivated to make sure she treats her clients how she would want others to treat her parents.

How does she do this? Alexandra loves to get to know her clients, and her ability to empathize with people helps her better understand their needs. Additionally, her extensive knowledge of the Medicare market allows her to gain client trust. When it comes to Medicare, most individuals aren’t very knowledgeable, and that is where she shines. Alexandra also inspires customers with her positive attitude and spirit during each step of the consultation process. After each sale, Alexandra sends a thank-you card to her clients, letting them know how grateful she is to have their trust. It’s no wonder the bulk of her business comes from referrals. I would recommend her too!

Alexandra would advise other agents to keep pushing forward to gain momentum. If it stops, you get farther away from helping your next client.

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