Agent Spotlight – Deyanira Rodriguez

Agent Spotlight – Deyanira Rodriguez

This week our agent spotlight shines on Laredo Call Center Manager Deyanira Rodriguez. The Laredo, Texas native specializes in Medicare and Medicare Advantage products and has done so for the previous seven years. Deyanira is a six-year employee with Empower Brokerage. Her role with the organization includes being responsible for the current call center agents, helping with new-agent training, sales support, and regular office duties. Deyanira credits Empower Brokerage’s professional environment that persuaded her to join the FMO.

“I wanted to work in a professional environment. Where I [was previously employed], it was not as professional as I wanted,” said Deyanira. “There was no way for me to grow in that field. So coming to Empower Brokerage seemed like a good opportunity to set roots down. That is why I came here. [There is] the opportunity for growth.”

Deyanira also cares about her coworkers’ accomplishments and is pleased to have witnessed them thrive. “I do love the opportunities provided to grow within the company. I have witnessed several of our call center agents, who have had the opportunity, move into different roles within the company, so it is nice to see that change and [see] them being able to succeed in different areas.”

Deyanira is grateful for the tools Empower Brokerage offers agents like LeadServ, OneHQ, call recordings, and live training to name a few. When she initially signed on with the organization, she observed the expansions and upgrades that set Empower Brokerage apart from competitors. She believes the independent agency has made the learning process simpler and more efficient for agents.

When it comes to dealing with clients, Deyanira leads with patience and empathy. “I usually go into the conversation with the expectation that the person on the other side of the phone might not understand how their plan works or may not fully understand how Medicare works,” says Deyanira. “It is up to me to help them understand.” She empathizes with people because she did not fully understand how Medicare works before starting an insurance career. Deyanira also recalls how her grandparents once did not understand Medicare. They did not realize that plans change each year and could search for a plan with more benefits. She believes that by empathizing and being patient with callers, she can build a rapport, establish trust, and then move forward with them to meet their insurance needs.

Deyanira Rodriguez poses for a photograph with her co-workers and displays her hobbies.

Deyanira Rodriguez

Advice and hobbies

Deyanira’s advice for other agents would be the same guidance she follows. She remarks acting with kindness and respect leads to an enjoyable work environment. Furthermore, Deyanira notes that preparation is of utmost importance for meetings, training, presentations, and other tasks. She says these actions can help make agents valuable assets to their clients and job. Deyanira states establishing these habits can also cultivate a work setting that feels like family.

Outside of work, Deyanira greatly esteems her family and enjoys crafting in her spare time. She appreciates designing holiday decorations, including wreaths and garlands, among other creations. “I do like to decorate the office with that,” says Deyanira. “Bring some joy with it.”


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