Agent Spotlight: Jose Lerma

At Empower Brokerage, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where our agents can flourish. Therefore, when we receive glowing reviews from clients, we love to recognize the agent behind the positive experience.

For this Agent Spotlight, we want to give a shout-out to one of our call-center agents, Jose Lerma. Jose works out of Harlingen, which just so happens to be where he was born and raised. When Jose isn’t working his magic on the phone, he likes to enjoy a day at the beach, or take some time to better his physical and mental health by exercising or reading a good book.

Before working at Empower, Jose was employed by a social media marketing company, however, once the pandemic hit, he found himself in need of a career change. This is when he decided to get licensed to sell insurance. This decision ultimately led him to start working for Empower Brokerage a little under a year and a half ago. Jose recalls that his interview went well and that his interviewer was nice, later to find out that he was interviewed by the CEO himself, Rodney Culp. Jose says he was glad that he did not know that at the time or his nerves might have gotten the better of him.

When asked why he chose Empower, Jose stated that he appreciated the importance of working for such a great organization. He knew that selling insurance wasn’t easy but having the resources Empower provides would ensure he’d be successful. Throughout his time at Empower, Jose has discovered that any questions he has will be answered and he will always receive support from his managers. Empower has given him resources, strategies, and product knowledge that he never had access to before. Ultimately, regarding this recognition, Jose states that he is “a culmination of everyone who has helped me here at Empower.”

“How [very] helpful, and how patient, and how calming Jose has been making me feel… about making these decisions of what I’m gonna do with my Medicare.”
– Satisfied Client #1

With reviews like these, I had to ask Jose how he approached his calls. When speaking to a client, Jose treats them as though he is chatting with a good friend. He would only want the best for his friends and believe his clients should receive that same respect. “They help me, so I have to help them get the most tailored solutions,” he says. He does this by remaining very frank, honest, and open. He also makes sure to relate to each caller and provide a sympathetic solution, and that lets the customer know he is working with them and not against them. “If you wanna struggle, we can struggle together.”

Jose understands that not one person can have all the answers, but his professional goal is to become the person who has most of the answers. For him, this means constantly growing, learning, and remaining curious. Ultimately, lending himself to becoming a valuable resource for everyone.

As one of Jose’s satisfied clients said, “If there were more agents like you, we would be all so happy.” We, here at Empower, could not agree more. Thank you, Jose Lerma, for all you do!


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