Agent Spotlight: Ron Reynolds

Agent Spotlight Ron Reynolds.

Highlighting Ron

Finding the next fantastic Empower Brokerage agent to highlight is never a problem. Their hard work speaks for itself and leaves a lasting mark on those that have seen them in action. Today, our spotlight shines on agent Ron Reynolds.

As a child, his father’s ministry work moved the family often, so Ron grew up all over the state of Texas. Ron studied at The University of Texas at Arlington and then began working in different fields. He started working in construction when he was about 21 years old. During that time, Ron specialized in carpentry. At one time, he even owned a cabinet shop. Now, Ron takes up woodworking as a hobby. Currently, his creations are just for those he knows and cares about, especially for the birthdays of his four granddaughters. Our Regional Sales Director, Lori Benold, has been a recipient of his specialty gifts (see below).

Ron and Empower

Ron stayed in construction until about 1995, and then he began working in the restaurant business. In 2006, his third career became selling insurance. As soon as Ron earned his license, he joined the Empower Brokerage family specializing in Medicare products. He had developed a friendship with DeWayne Long, and his high praise of Empower helped persuade Ron to join the team. Additionally, the sense of community has convinced Ron that Empower Brokerage is the right place for him.

Each agent has a unique way of interacting with clients, and these characteristics make each one special. Ron always enjoys being friendly and listens closely to clients’ needs. He makes sure to remove himself from the picture, allowing him to fully view the situation and offer suggestions with only the best interest at heart. To strengthen that trust and connection, Ron tries to be available when his clients call with problems and works to solve the problem quickly. After all, he is motivated knowing that people are getting the help they need and are happy with their coverage.

With many years under his belt, Ron feels comfortable sharing some advice for new agents. He believes agents should understand that becoming successful in the insurance business is a marathon, not a race. Ron has been working for 16 years to develop his clientele. Therefore, he believes it is vital for agents to be persistent and to want to continue learning as changes constantly occur in the insurance industry.


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