Agent Spotlight: Scott Zipp

Agent Spotlight: Scott Zipp

Empower Brokerage is fortunate enough to work with some of the best and brightest agents in the USA. The agents are from all walks of life, and it is always an empowering experience to highlight our agents in the field. Today, the spotlight shines brightly on Scott Zipp. He is a veteran, an agent, and an educator. Scott has made a lasting commitment to helping teach veterans about the Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits. He clears up the confusion many people find daunting and makes it easy to understand. Scott is a wonderful person, and this spotlight only begins highlighting this fact.

A native of southern Indiana, Scott served for over a decade in the Army and retired in 2015. He knew that he wanted to work toward a business that would provide for him and his family and was motivated by building a residual income with little maintenance while still working toward accomplishing other life goals and spending time with his family. Scott began his journey with Empower in 2020 after several attempts with other companies that did not provide him the adequate tools and products under one roof that would help him to succeed.

His approach to conducting business is to be an educator rather than a salesman. He wants to ensure that his clients understand how life insurance and Medicare insurance work and how they work together with Veteran Affairs benefits. “I have set it upon myself to educate people about how veteran benefits work,” says Scott. He explains that some veterans do not understand how programs like Veteran Affairs and Tricare work together or do not work together. Other veteran challenges include getting VA records and records from Army medical centers. Scott is available to clarify on these matters too. “I set myself out to build a business to do just that. Veterans think, ‘I have insurance, so I’m good’. They don’t understand how [the government agencies] work together, and this has set me on my journey.”

Scott chose to work with Empower because they gave him access to ACA plans, ancillary, Medicare, and life insurance under one platform. Other companies do not always provide these helpful tools. Working with different people and products allowed Scott to build a Medicare and ACA book of business and connect with veterans in a Walmart during the annual election period. “This has been something that has provided a lot of exposure to veterans in the area, and I am able to educate and connect with clients on a personal level,” says Scott.


Whether they are going to make a purchase or not, Scott’s approach to business is consistent and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help people. He thoroughly explains what options are available and helps them with any extra assistance they may need. Do they need help applying for Medicaid? Boom! Scott can help. Do they need assistance applying for a low-income subsidy? Boom! Scott can help. Instead of just pointing them in the right direction, Scott opens the door, helps them walk in, and takes the cap off their pen. He even provides his clients with his personal phone number to call him anytime they have questions or concerns. Most agents only have a work phone number that they answer during business hours, but all of Scott’s clients get his personal cell phone number, so if there is an emergency, he is there to help. What an amazing agent!

Advice from Scott

“Don’t Quit! Everything is going to have its ups and downs. Just don’t quit and stay consistent and persistent. That’s the only thing you can do,” says the Army veteran. Scott believes his consistency and persistence over the years helped him establish his career. “Keep your wits about you, and don’t be subject to other people’s bad moods,” says Scott. “It’s nothing personal. It’s just business. You should maintain your emotional maturity and stay consistent and persistent in your endeavors.”


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