Annual Christus Health Contracting And Certification

The annual Christus Health Contracting and Certification for 2021 is now available through!

***Keep in mind that all agents, whether currently contracted or not, must contract for 2021.**

Medicare Program Contracting Certification

Before agents can begin the Christus 2021 MA Certification they must first have Medicare Core training completed:

  • AHIP Certification
  • PinPoint Certification
  • Convey Core Training Certification
    • Convey Core Training is available within the Miramar training program itself.

Once an agent has completed their Medicare Core Certification, they will have to complete a product training course through Miramar. The agents will go through a 60+ slide program of product training before taking a product final exam.

After an agent has received at least an 85% score on their product training exam they may move on to the Christus 2021 MA Certification Program. Once completed, they will be given ethics, fraud, and agreement information.

Exchange Program Contracting Certification

Before beginning the Christus HIX Certification Program agents needs to complete Federally-Facilitated Marketplace training. Unlike the Medicare Core Certification, agents do not need to send Miramar their official confirmation of their certification.

When the system recognizes that this training has been completed agents will be ready to begin the Christus 2021 HIX Certification Program, and when the program is completed they will be presented with ethics, background check, and agreement information just like the Medicare program.

Annual Certification

Agents must remember that they must renew their Christus Health Yearly Contracting and Certification each year even if they were contracted in the previous year. To begin the certification process new and returning agents can go to


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