Empower Brokerage

Committed to your success


Empower is fundamentally committed to our agents’ success. My vision for Empower is to become the top choice for independent insurance agents in the United States, with the mentorship and resources to ensure that they have the prospects to speak with and the expertise to convert them into lifetime clients. I think we are well on our way to achieving that goal with our training road trips, educational webinars, Lead Maximizer data mining system, online Comparative Rating Engines, and our generous Leads Co-op programs. We even have a product specialist ready to assist agents with learning how to excel in offering a variety of product lines. Because of all we offer, and the dedicated staff in our home office, we are fast becoming the most hands-on FMO in the country. As I think of the magnitude of what an agent trusts us with, I become even more committed.

An agent brings us their dreams for their career future and it’s precious. We treat that seriously and sincerely. An independent agent has no small job to perform and often needs help. Hiring a staff takes serious money and time. The effort level alone, to train a staff, is enough to derail an otherwise thriving pipeline. We endeavor to aid agents with tools, experience, and resources, to help replace their need for a staff of their own. In this way, we become a team; both doing what each other does best. Utilizing strengths, instead of trying to overcome weaknesses, saves time and frustration. Agents are generally happier working with a team, like Empower. Providing this level of help and support is our everyday goal and mission.

Rodney Culp