Agent Spotlight – David Guerrero

The agent spotlight shines on David Guerrero.

David Guerrero’s career

When you speak with Empower Brokerage’s David Guerrero, immediately, you sense his charismatic personality and genuine nature. Those characteristics serve him well as a community relation specialist and field agent. The San Antonio native is passionate about helping people find the right insurance plan to fit their needs.

David began working with Empower Brokerage in January of 2022, but his work in the insurance world spans a decade. After speaking with Empower Brokerage’s President and CEO Rodney Culp, and National Director of Business Development Monica Quintana, David knew the FMO would be the right place to continue his insurance career. He credits the organization’s supportive staff, dedication to training, and attention to detail for making field agents like him feel encouraged that they have the tools to be successful.

When David sets up his table of business, he does his best to make it attractive to potential clients. “My table has to be loud without saying a word,” says Guerrero.

David waits for people to come to him and does not try to bombard them with information. His approach comes naturally to him as he looks people in the eyes and pays close attention to each person. David smiles and says, “Good morning,” “Buenos días,” or “How are you?” His consistent presence at his table allows potential clients to become familiar with him. Often that is enough to begin a conversation where individuals will ask what he is doing at his table.

When people ask him questions about plans, David speaks honestly with potential clients and shows that he is sincerely interested in assisting them. “I’m here to help you, and if you are on a plan that fits you perfectly, then I am going to leave you where you are,” says David. He believes that if agents treat people with dignity and respectfully show interest in their lives, they will remember them, be more inclined to give agents a phone call, and tell other people about experiencing good service. David’s advice to other agents would be to follow such an approach.

Eventually, David would like to train agents on a corporate level to help them learn how to interact with their members and set up tables to get people to visit.

David Guerrero’s Hobbies

David has treasured drawing since he was a young boy. He studied art at the Memphis Academy of Arts. During his time at school, he recalls enjoying painting landscapes and working with clay. Today, David relaxes by listening to 80s music and playing pool. Family time is valuable to David as well. His five-year-old grandson has captured his heart, and David understands his job as a role model. “He is looking at you for the answers. You want to spoil and protect him,” says Guerrero. “It’s a beautiful feeling.”


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