Derek Baltimore: New Empower Brokerage Annuity Specialist

Empower Brokerage is expanding its reach to the Memphis and mid-South area, particularly in the Annuities side of the business with our new Annuity Specialist, Derek Baltimore.

Derek Baltimore’s Resume

Baltimore has worked in the financial services world since 1994. “After obtaining a BS in Computer Science in 1991 and founding a successful computer networking firm specializing in Broker-Dealer computer connectivity, a client offered me a job in securities. One of the client/owners became my mentor and the rest is history.” He then went on to work in the large Credit Union space, dealing with Credit Unions 50 million in assets and above. With 26 years under his belt and going through both highs and lows, Baltimore has seen a lot that will be beneficial to our agents. Baltimore learned early on that being your own personal accounting ledger was the only way to make a real financial difference in financial services. “I’ve learned that with the right tools in your “quiver” and a desire to help others, coupled with a desire to achieve more in your personal financial life is a near-perfect storm.”

Why Empower?

When asked about his time with Empower, Baltimore said when he became a licensed agent in 2006 and began to work in the Medicare space, he was invited to an Empower lunch where he met DeWayne Long. “His impact on me then and still today is overwhelming. You immediately sense that he and Empower are trying to give you the tools to succeed in your business and will do anything to make that happen for you.” He went on to state, “Empower’s tools fit like a glove to agents in this scenario. With great agents coupled with the products to achieve their client’s goals, it’s almost a guarantee of success.”

First Month’s Goals

In his first few months, Baltimore hopes to show agents in his region how to use their Medicare skills by presenting Medicare 101 seminars for the overwhelming numbers of retirees entering Medicare and retirement. “The level of protection we can provide on the health side translates very easily into protecting their lifelong savings through the power of Empower’s annuity offerings – guaranteeing lifetime income without principal risk.” Baltimore also hopes to hold ongoing weekly webinars and trainings to provide agents guidance and to teach best practices when building a book of business. “When the dust settles from this pandemic, we will be holding these events at locations throughout Memphis and the mid-south. We like to refer to them as “lunch and learns”.

Opportunity Rather Than Difficulties

When asked about potential difficulties Baltimore discusses the current environment. “Growing business in this era of COVID-19 requires being willing to adapt and change to a new way of doing business. Communication with clients is not so much face to face as it was pre-March 2020, and agents need to embrace the web and its powerful tools to communicate strategies to clients in this new way. Plain and simple: If agents embrace it, their income should barely budge and likely will increase.” He then stated that constant whipsawing in the stock market will provide retirees the opportunity to secure assets and health-related needs with one trusted relationship.

Future Vision For Empower

Baltimore is focused on the future, looking forward to educating and teaching agents about the enormous money-making possibilities from this side of the business. “When I began in the Medicare space in 2005, I made a goal to have 250 Medicare clients by year’s end. The money that followed confirmed that I had made the correct decision.” Baltimore’s goal is simple for Empower Brokerage. “Build an annuity and Medicare book that surpasses all other regions in the company’s hierarchy. My goal is 5mm annuity production minimum for 2020-2021.”

Thanks for joining the team, Derek Baltimore. To reach Derek Baltimore you can contact him at 817-410-5840 or by email at We cant wait to see how he grows your annuity business!