Extra Help Savings Program


Medicare Extra Help Program

Consumers wanting to participate in Part D Medicare insurance, may find financial assistance through the Extra Help savings program.  In order to enroll in a Part D coverage plan, participants must first be enrolled in Medicare Part A and B.  Medicare Part D is used to help cover the costs of prescription drugs. The Extra Help program may be available to individuals meeting certain requirements and will help them cover the out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs.

Part D Drug Coverage

Part D is an optional Medicare plan that helps cover the costs of prescription drugs. Savings benefits through the plan cover an extensive list of prescription drugs. The specific drugs covered may vary based on who the insurer is, however, each insurer is required to provide at least two drug options in every major category.

Extra Help Eligibility

Part D Low-Income Subsidy is another name for the Extra Help program. Eligible participants may receive help covering the cost of their drug plan through this program. Whether or not someone is eligible depends on their assets and income status. They must not exceed the allotted amount in order to qualify. Sometimes a person may automatically qualify.  Someone who is enrolled in the Medicare Savings Program will qualify automatically.

The Benefits

Many of the expenses incurred trying to cover the costs of drug coverage may be eased by the Extra Help program. Among these includes providing savings on the out-of-pocket prescription costs and even provide relief by covering part of the Part D coverage premium. Under the plan, enrollees will be given the opportunity to switch to a different plan if they choose so during a special yearly enrollment period. Lastly, Part D late enrollment penalties may be waived under the plan.

There are so many great benefits to joining the plan if someone is eligible to do so. The financial savings gained through it could be put towards other medical or household expenses. This makes it a welcomed option for so many individuals struggling to cover their drug costs.




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