Handling Customer Complaints

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Turn That Frown Upside Down

There’s nothing more discouraging than realizing that someone left a not-so-friendly review or customer complaint about your business. While you are allowed to feel hurt and disappointed by the feedback, it’s not always negative. Use any review and feedback to grow and perfect your business. Handling customer complaints the right way can make or break your business. Continue reading to discover a few ways a negative complaint can help your business.

Why do customers complain?

To use customer complaints as a positive, you need to understand why they might be complaining in the first place. ROI Call Center Solutions has compiled a list of common reasons behind customer complaints. Let’s go through a few of the most important.

Poor Customer Service If a customer had a phone call where they thought the staff was rude and dismissive, they are more inclined to complain about it. Think about the message it sends about your company. It can turn a customer off from wanting to work with your business again.

Broken Promises The foundation of a good client relationship is trust. If your business makes promises, it is important to keep those promises that you have made. Did you promise a specific deadline for a project? Do you promise 24/7 customer service? Breaking these promises will lead to negative complaints and may cause you to lose a loyal customer.

Hidden Costs and Information Transparency is essential when dealing with customers. When you hide important information or costs, customers may feel you don’t have their best interest at heart and not trust your business as legitimate. As mentioned before, trust is the foundation of a positive client relationship.

How can customer complaints be positive?

It can be hard to see the bright side of customer complaints or reviews, but feedback provides a silver lining.

Hearing from your customers, both positive and negative, is a reality check for your business. Their comments can highlight the shortcomings of your business, but you must be ready to listen so you can understand them.

Also, the comments are a great way to understand better your customer’s needs and wants. Knowing more about your customers will allow you to be more effective in your sales efforts. Making a customer’s experience positive is necessary for retention.

Finally, those negative complaints can work to build consumer loyalty. Each customer wants to feel special, so the complaint is not as important as the response is. When responding to a disgruntled consumer, it is best to do so promptly and provide an estimated timeline for resolution. A customer that feels listened to will remain loyal to your business.


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