How’s Your Phone Etiquette?

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When people call into your business, that is your opportunity to make a stellar first impression. And not only that, but it can be your one chance to convert leads into actual consumers. Good phone etiquette can be the difference between a sale and a loss.

Even if you’re not the person answering phone calls, you must guarantee that your staff is answering and speaking on the phone responsibly and professionally. Continue reading to learn a few tips on how you can perfect your phone etiquette.

Welcome Message

As I mentioned before, as soon as you answer the phone, you create the first impression of your business. To ensure you put your best foot forward every single time, draft a welcome message that everyone on your team will use when answering the phone. Streamlining the welcome message makes every single phone experience a positive one.

You would want your message to have a cheerful tone so that your callers feel comfortable asking for help.

Listen and Take Notes

Consumers calling your business may speak at 100 miles per minute because their problem has caused stress. If that is the situation, proper phone etiquette would include listening to their questions and jotting down important information. This strategy allows you to really soak up the information and have notes to reference later. You won’t have to feel so overwhelmed in the conversation. Writing down those notes will also be helpful when taking problems to other team members for help.

Smiling As You Speak

Did you know that you can hear a smile through the phone? When you smile, it can make a difference in your tone of voice, and you and your team will sound like they are happy to speak to consumers. Unfortunately, you can’t see body language over the phone, so your voice is truly only the indicator of your mood. So, your words and inflection are way more important over the phone than in face-to-face interactions.

Customer service is just a piece of the puzzle that establishes a good business. Practicing strong phone etiquette is vital when working to grow that business.

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