Interoperability Regulations Will Make It Easier For Patients To Access Health Data

Health patients will potentially gain access to their healthcare data, due to new federal interoperability regulations. These interoperability regulations will push healthcare providers as well as insurers to adopt new technologies and standards.

Interoperability Regulations Push For Better Access

Better access to healthcare data is set to go into effect at the beginning of next year in January 2021. Originally, these guidelines were not set to go into effect until the pandemic emerged early last February. “The main challenge facing the healthcare system for many years, both in the United States and Puerto Rico, is the fact that existing technology platforms used to handle patient information do not communicate,” said Dolmarie Méndez, CEO and co-founder of Abartys Health, a tech startup. “The current state of fragmented communication among insurers, providers, and patients dramatically increases costs and stops patients from receiving the best health services.” By using apps, software tools, and portals patients will be able to set and meet their own health goals integrating information from their own health records.

“For example, Abartys is giving patients a centralized data delivery system that functions as a one-stop-shop for personal healthcare records, insurance documents, and physician history. For insurers, our patient link platform facilitates access to long-term lab results to offer a comprehensive vision of patient health. For labs, the platform increases laboratory diagnostic testing capacity, surveillance system, and routine reporting. “Moreover, the need for universal patient identification and faster lab test response times has been dramatically underscored amidst the current pandemic,” she added.

New Guidelines By CMS

In March, CMS created new guidelines that will have patient health information electronically and in a standardized way. Iraelia Pernas, executive director of the Insurance Companies Association told THE WEEKLY JOURNAL that the members of the private organization are already working towards complying with the new provisions.

Further Access to Healthcare Data

This information in patients’ hands will transform the way we actively seek to better our health. It will also be easier to switch from doctor to doctor, or visiting places with the ability to provide your health information with ease. We have seen over recent years the push to have easier access to health records whether it be by Apple, The Trump administration, and many others. This information being in the hands of clients also in the long run can help them save money, time, and result in better health which the US has struggled with ranking last in recent performance measures.

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