Krystal Castillo – Agent Spotlight

Agent Spotlight shines on Krystal Castillo.

Krystal Castillo – Agent Spotlight

Over the last year, Krystal Castillo has witnessed changes in her life. She credits working with Empower Brokerage as the opportunity to better her life and the lives of her family members. The Laredo-born insurance agent has recently completed one year as a career agent with the field marketing organization. Well-versed in the insurance world since 2018, Krystal mainly focuses on Medicare and ACA products. Before working with Empower Brokerage, Krystal and her family endured living paycheck to paycheck. At Empower, she can set monthly goals and finds herself reaching and exceeding those goals. Life has improved for Krystal’s household over the past 12 months.

Why did Krystal choose Empower Brokerage? Upon learning of the opportunity and speaking with CEO Rodney Culp, she was confident that joining the FMO was the right place at the right time to expand her career, grow professionally, and also establish independence.

“[Working with Empower Brokerage] has made me a better person,” says Krystal. “I feel I have put value into myself and in the job opportunity. There are so many things Empower has done. Yes, [it has impacted] everything for the better.” Krystal further explained, “[with Empower, everything] flows naturally, and it has made me a better person to live a less stressful [lifestyle].”
Additionally, the tools, the leads program, and the assistance and guidance from the product specialists and superiors truly enhance her working environment and ability to complete tasks. “The people,” says Krystal enthusiastically. “The people have made a difference.”

Like so many agents that the FMO partners with, Krystal is motivated to know each day brings another chance to help another person. When asked about giving other agents advice, she would suggest they keep asking questions and never feel their questions are unworthy of being asked. Her goals for this year include being able to help more people, and doing so may lead to reserving her spot in the next Empower Brokerage vacation trip in 2024.

Krystal Castillo’s family and hobbies

Unlike her previous job, working with Empower Brokerage allows Krystal to be productive and still attend to her children. “I put my work in and still have time for [my] children’s appointments,” says Krystal. The Oklahoma-raised mother of three children is happy to see her commitment over the last year benefiting her daughters as they now enjoy extracurricular activities like band, volleyball, and cheer. In addition to spending time with her family, Krystal delights in custom-designing sublimation or vinyl upon clothing materials, mugs, and tumblers.
She says she would read agent-spotlight articles before on the Empower Brokerage website but never had one written about her. Shining brightly with Empower Brokerage, it is no wonder the agent spotlight landed on dedicated Krystal Castillo.


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