Long-Tail Keywords and Your Insurance Leads

long-tail keywords

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Keyword searches that are three words or more are considered “long-tail keywords”. They are much less common than generic searches, but the payout is greater because they are so specific. Long-tail keywords show a higher intent to purchase than most general searches. Google can rank these easier which makes a huge difference in the competitive search category of insurance.

Take Advantage of These Keywords

Most of what is being searched on Google are long-tail keywords. Just think about the value you can receive as an insurance agent when someone types in a specific search with age, illness, marital status, etc. You will know what they are looking to buy immediately. This is how a small insurance agency can compete with large brands and carriers. Very general terms can pull up informational content, whereas long-tail searches are going to be “buy” keyword searches.

An example would be someone doing a simple search for “shoes”. That would be considered a “general” keyword and would be flooded by larger shoe brands. However, if they searched “red running shoe size 7 women”, that would be a more specific keyword.

Although long phrases get much lower searches per month, they are valuable because they mean intent. Specific phrase searches are not necessarily looking for any information about defining terms, instead they more than likely looking to buy insurance in their situation.

Competing Against Larger Agencies

Long-tail keywords are a good way to yield results and larger agencies have discovered this and started to take advantage. There is no need to worry though, there are way too many terms for any one agency to get to all of them. All you have to do is keep your websites up to date. You can adjust what keywords you are ranking for. So, as people are searching for newer things, you can focus your attention on those phrases.

Working quicker than larger competitors can help you stay on top and potentially take their clients. Just make sure to keep your website updated and anything that can be of use to your clients. Although you may not have the most popular keywords, long-tail keywords are sure to get quality leads that will convert to business. It’s very important to understand what potential clients would be searching for so, you can stay on top of it and create more business.


We hope this information on long-tail keywords and insurance leads is helpful to you.

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