Neuromarketing Strategies to Boost Your Sales

Insurance agents are salespeople, meaning, they are also field marketers for the companies they represent. Recent discoveries in neuromarketing research show that by understanding how people make decisions and employing neuromarketing strategies, salespeople can more effectively portray their product as valuable to their target audience.

The Changing Face of Marketing

From paper catalogs and door-to-door salesmen to social media, advertising tactics have drastically changed throughout the years, and with them, consumers’ mindsets surrounding various marketing strategies have drastically shifted. Whereas the consumers of the mid-20th century sought out the most functional product with all the possible bells and whistles, the consumers of today want simple products that will streamline the process of solving day-to-day issues.

Most marketers and entrepreneurs have adopted the idea that if you listen to your customers, they will tell you what they need. Recent neuromarketing studies, however, show that the best possible sales outcomes can be predicted from being aware of clients’ brainpower and internal decision-making habits.

What are Neuromarketing Strategies?

Neuromarketing is a specific communication field where neuropsychology is applied to marketing research. This research monitors the sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective responses consumers have when being exposed to different marketing and advertising stimuli.  By educating oneself on neuromarketing strategies and results, salespeople will likely see a higher rate of return in the current insurance marketplace.

Ways to Incorporate Neuromarketing Strategies into Your Business

In the insurance industry, our first and foremost goal is to provide individuals and families with the coverage they need to avoid unexpected financial burdens should an issue arise or tragedy strike. Therefore, neuromarketing in the insurance field is best used to advertise oneself, rather than specific products, to avoid unwittingly coercing or manipulating clients. Neuromarketing should be used only to understand buying power and clients’ decision making, not to push clients towards specific products that are not right for their needs or budget.

When advertising one’s services as an insurance agent, it’s easy to get beaten down by preconceived notions or clients’ past negative experiences. Neuromarketing strategies are great tools to make one’s clients feel safe and make sure they know they are working with a friendly, trustworthy agent. Plus, by employing some neuromarketing strategies in their business, an insurance agent is likely to get more customers and referrals.

If you’re looking to incorporate some neuromarketing strategies into your business, start by editing your website and social media presence. Before a consumer ever meets with a salesperson, they are likely going to check out the available products and credibility of the business online. Through using eye-tracking technology, researchers like Jakob Nielsen have found that consumers read web pages in one of two ways: in an “F” shaped pattern, with the left column being read first, or an inverted triangle, with the consumer’s focus waning as they scroll down the page. By placing buttons or important information in key areas, consumers are more likely to interact on the site.

If you want to take your neuromarketing strategies a step further, try hosting competitions or offering free products, like bonuses or additional add-ons. Everyone loves free stuff and services, as long as they perceive the prize as valuable. By offering incentives, like a prize for a contest, customers are more likely to interact with your company, as a whole.


We hope this information on neuromarketing strategies is helpful to you.

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