10 Life Situations When Short-Term Health Insurance is Right

Pivot Health Outlines 10 Life Situations When Short Term Health Insurance Is an Excellent Option for Consumers

Popular alternative to ACA plans could help over 8 million consumers keep insurance during times of transition

In a recent press release, Pivot Health, a leading provider, and manager of specialty health insurance products, defined 10 ways short-term health plans can benefit consumers who would otherwise be uninsured or lack sufficient coverage due to changes in their life situation.

“An ACA plan is a fine solution for individuals and families who qualify for financial subsidies to lower insurance costs. But for the 8 million Americans who don’t qualify for an ACA plan subsidy and for those in a variety of life events, they should know there are other affordable options,” said Jeff Smedsrud, Chief Executive Officer of Pivot Health. “When life throws a curveball, short-term health plans can be a low-cost insurance solution while covering doctor office visits, hospitalization and more. It is a niche, temporary solution, but a large overall market.”

Click here to read the entire press release and the list of 10 life situations when short-term health insurance could make the most sense for a healthcare consumer.

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