Remaining the Agent of Record

A broker speaks talks with her client to build a relationship and ensure that she remains the agent of record on the client's policy.

Insurance agents and brokers provide service to clients around the nation through the desire and determination to find individuals and families the coverage they need to protect their financial futures. On any insurance policy, the policyholder names an agent of record who is the designated representative and manager of that specific policy. Only by building strong relationships and communicating often can brokers remain the agent of record on the policies they write.

Relationships and Rapport

Insurance sales relationships are different from any other consumer-salesperson dynamic. Especially at Empower Brokerage, insurance brokers work hard to find their clients’ ideal coverage plans at the right prices. As an insurance agent, you aren’t simply selling a product; you are selling the peace of mind and financial security to individuals and families across the U.S. For consumers to trust a broker with something so important, they must see their agent as a genuine, caring person.

In the age of digital communication, customers crave genuine human interaction. Old school sales tactics, like meeting in person and describing plans and processes step-by-step, are once again gaining popularity. By showing that you sincerely want to help your client

Remember the ABCs

Seasoned brokers know that the only way to build rapport with their clients is to remember their ABCs; always be in contact. Of course, agents should maintain constant contact with their clients to build personal relationships, but they should also regularly reach out to carriers to ensure that their clients are receiving the help they need when they need it. On carrier websites, brokers should regularly check that their clients are in their favorites list to make sure they are the agent of record on customers’ accounts.

Carrier sites also provide the status of all clients’ plans. Brokers should utilize this feature to time client correspondence, like if a consumer’s grace period is ending. If the grace period is ending, after a policy has not been paid and the plan is about to lapse, an agent may want to reach out and see if there is an issue that they can help solve to keep the plan active.

Remaining the Agent of Record

Only by maintaining relationships and constantly staying in contact can an agent remain the agent of record on a client’s insurance plan. Imagine that a customer asks their insurance agent a question. By taking the easy route and instructing the consumer to visit or a carrier site rather than helping answer their question, the agent is not helping their client. Furthermore, should the client seek out help on a carrier site, they may be helped by another agent or broker, and would then be considered their client, instead.

Marketplace regulations also state that consumers have the option to change agents at any time, so if an agent or broker fails to keep in touch with their clients, the clients may choose to renew or shop around for new plans under a new agent. The new agent would then become the agent of record on the account and gain commission for the sale instead of the agent who did not reach out or maintain a relationship with the client. Just because a broker wrote a case, it is not guaranteed that they will continue to get the commission. This pertains to health insurance policies during open enrollment and Medicare plans during SEPs.


At Empower we value your success. We hope that these tips on how to maintain your agent of record status are helpful to you. If you have any questions, call us at 888-539-1633.

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