Save Our Seniors Program

Save Our Seniors Program

The Save our Seniors Program, which distributes COVID-19 vaccines to citizens who are stuck at home due to the pandemic, is expanding to the Dallas area. Launching last month, the Save our Seniors Program works with local fire departments and members of the military to reach out to homebound seniors in order to get them a COVID-19 vaccine.

Beginning this Monday, all adults living in the state of Texas will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, although seniors will still remain at the front of the line to get them. The program is designed to help those seniors who are in need of the vaccine, but cannot get to the local vaccination hub or to their preferred provider to receive the vaccine. This can be because they are high-risk for contracting the virus, or they have other hinderances such as the inability to drive due to other medical issues they might have. According to the Visiting Nurse Association, the average client for the program is over 70 years old.

Beginning in DeSoto and Cedar Hill, the program will now expand into the city of Dallas where hundreds of seniors can use the services of the program to get vaccinated. According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, 90 Texas counties are participating in the program. With COVID-19 cases on a steady decline, the race to get everyone vaccinated is on towards reaching heard immunity. Dallas County went from the red zone, where it has been for months, to the orange zone, which means the risk has gone from high to moderate in the county.

According to the New York times, 23% of all Texans have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while 12% of the state is fully vaccinated. 10.1 million total shots have been administered. About 2.51 million doses per day are being administered throughout the country by various providers. With the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine now authorized for use in the United States, they join Pfizer and Moderna as the third vaccine available to U.S. Citizens.

If the country continues its current vaccination rate, approximately half of all people will be vaccinated in May, with 90% of all adults vaccinated by the end of July.

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