The Biggest Challenge for Sports

The Biggest Challenge for Sports

The biggest challenge for sports in the pandemic era is ahead. After the NHL and NBA’s conclusion at the beginning of October, and Major League Baseball’s season coming to an end, the leagues now have to plan what to do next.

It is unlikely that the leagues will go into full-blown bubbles again for multiple reasons. The main one being the mental toll it had on coaches, athletes, and staff who had to be in them for long periods. Without bubbles, there will inevitably be positive COVID-19 cases within the professional sports ranks. The key will be how respective leagues manage positive cases while keeping numbers down as much as possible.

According to multiple reports, the NBA is planning on a December 22 start date for their 2020-21 season, while the NHL looks as if it will resume shortly after the new year. That puts the logistics people in the NBA league office in overdrive mode as they have not conducted their first-year player draft. Nor the free agency period, which is key to roster building. With the tentative start date in place, the NBA will have to cram the draft, free agency, and training camp all in six weeks. Does the league have enough time to get their protocols in place regarding how the league will run for 2020-21?

Perhaps the toughest task in the history of these sports leagues is rapidly creeping upon them. As they navigate the ramifications of the present and the future of the United States and the unprecedented times we are currently in regarding the pandemic, nothing is certain. It is up to the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL to expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.


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