What is the Walmart Kiosk Program?

Business Opportunities with the Walmart Kiosk Program

Andrea Hektner is Empower Brokerage’s New Business Manager and oversees the Walmart Kiosk program. In today’s post, she explains a little about the program and the opportunities it presents to agents! The program is one of the many ways Empower supports our agents along with lead support. It is an opportunity for agents to be set up in their own Kiosk in a Walmart location near them, usually next to the pharmacy or in the walkway in front of the checkouts, where foot traffic is heaviest. Your kiosk will come equipped with marketing materials, such as posters, brochures and a giant banner. Walmart will also display banners around the store to promote and drive traffic to your kiosk. Forming a good relationship with the pharmacist is the key to being successful! They are in direct contact with pharmacy customers, and have the ability to recommend a stop by your kiosk to gain information. In short, they can be a great resource to drive traffic towards you.

Things to Remember:

  • You must be contracted with at least two of the three top MA carriers, which are Humana, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare
  • The focus of the program is MA, but you can also bring up life, individual health and med supplements in your appointment if the prospect presents the opportunity
  • You MUST be ready to sell by the time the program begins, which is October 15th
  • Agents commit to working 20 hours a week minimum
  • It is only $500 to reserve a store, and agents who meet compliance get a $250 rebate back!
  • Due to the nature of MA, you cannot approach prospects, which is why the program is designed to drive prospects TO YOU!

Stay tuned for tips and tricks to help you succeed in the Walmart Kiosk program!

Time is Running Out!

We are in the last round of bidding, and the deadline to reserve a store is July 19th!

Call Andrea Hektner at (817) 410-5823 or Elizabeth Dauterive at (8170) 410-5861 to reserve your store now!

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