What Should We Keep After the Pandemic?

keep after the pandemic

What Should We Keep After the Pandemic?

We are starting to see a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel with the vaccine’s arrival and distribution starting; however, it is hard not to think about the struggles we have faced as a nation trying to deal with this virus. We have seen loss, isolation, sickness, etc. but we have also been able to overcome these things by finding new ways to adapt. It seems understandable that we would want to rid ourselves of everything that reminds us of this dark period, but there have been positive aspects that have me asking, what should we keep after the pandemic?

Work from Home

At the start of the pandemic, those who could started working from home. It took a little time to get used to but eventually many got the hang of it and found out that they preferred it over their usual workplace. There was no drastic disruption of productivity and it provided a much easier commute. A lot of businesses have continued to allow this as an option. It helps families who have small children or children that are doing remote learning. Working from home allows everyone to be safe and work comfortably, so it should be something that is brought into the post-COVID world.

Masks when Sick

It is crazy to think that we used to just walk around people freely when we were sick. No social distancing requirements and no masks! Knowing that masks are effective in reducing the number of droplets that are expelled when we speak, should be reason enough to keep wearing them. But they have also taught us to be accountable for ourselves and do the work in preventing spreading any sicknesses out to the public, which is something we should continue.

Appreciation of Essential Workers

Some people did not have the luxury of working from home and had to perform the essential functions that allowed us to continue livings as normally as possible. We began to understand how important they were and have since created appreciation posts, hashtags, fundraisers, etc.; however, they still do the same jobs, and we should continue to appreciate them when everything starts going back to normal.

Sanitation Procedures

The pandemic created serious conversations about the sanitary systems that were put into place in businesses and throughout the cities. We now have frequent sanitizing stations and there are stricter cleaning procedures with commonly visited and touched items. It has also been a great catalyst for better personal hygienic practices. Thorough hand washing should not be something that disappears when the pandemic does.

Staying Connected

Feeling isolated was overwhelmingly the hardest part of the pandemic for a lot of people. It was a quick turn-around from a life of public outings and socialization to complete lockdown for a while. However, once the shock wore off, we were able to find ways to keep in touch with those we cared about. It gave us extra motivation to reach out and check on our loved ones. That constant need for interaction and connection should not be abandoned when we are finally out of the woods with COVID.


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