When It’s Time to Switch Your Health Plan

switch your health plan

When It’s Time to Switch Your Health Plan

Choosing a health plan the first time around was probably stressful enough, so it may seem easy to let your health insurance plan auto-enroll you into the next year. It is so important, however, to take the time and reconsider your circumstances and what type of plan serves them best. A few minutes to assess your situation this open enrollment period can save you a headache. Here are some ways to know when it is time to switch your health plan.

Your doctor stops accepting your insurance. We all have our favorite doctor who makes us feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, there are constant changes regarding the types of health insurance plans that a doctor can accept. So, just because your doctor accepts your plan now does not mean they always will and still trying to go to them without the coverage from your insurance will result in a shocking bill.

Prices go up. Just because you stay enrolled in the same health plan does not mean the rates will stay the same. You could make the switch to a different plan and pay less, or similar, for a comparable option.

Paying for preventive care. Most health plans are required to cover preventive care which includes flu shots, blood pressure screenings, and other things that keep you healthy at no cost. However, if you have been with your plan for a few years, it might be grandfathered (purchased before March 2010) and can still charge for those things.

Prescriptions are no longer covered. Your health insurance can decide it no longer covers a certain prescription you might need. Or it can even alter the amount of price they cover. You should check with your current insurance provider and ask if your medications will still be covered the next year. Depending on the answer, you may want to switch your health plan.

Necessity of care. Review your financial and care needs for the past year. If you had many hospital visits and prescriptions and paid full price, you may want to look into something that offers better overall coverage. However, if you pay a lot for a plan you rarely use, you could find something less expensive with higher deductibles.


We hope this information on when it’s time to switch your health plan is helpful to you.

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